Monique Morris

Kings Beach QLD, Australia
47 Burgess Street Kings Beach Queensland 4551 AU

Swaddle & Sage – Monique Morris, Doula
Supporting Women Through Birth and Motherhood

Hi! I’m Monique Morris. I’m a wife, a doula, and a nanny based on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. I’m an empath, a water baby, and a firm believer in “women supporting women”. This is why I’m here, and hopefully the reason you are too!

I’ve always held a love for children and amazement in the abilities of the female body to create life. I started working with children and families in my teenage years, from childcare to birthday parties, sports and special needs, I feel like I’ve done it all. Most recently, after spending 7 years as a nanny specializing in the care of babies and toddlers, I felt a calling to expand my knowledge and train as a doula.

I’ve understood for a very long time, the connections between body and mind. I also feel a strong disconcertment with the way birth is portrayed to us from a young age – purple faced pushing, incredible pain unlike anything else, and pure fear. There is a strong focus on the hospital environment and a one-size-fits-all approach to birth (medical interventions included). So I ask, what about the mother? How come the natural process of birth isn’t celebrated, honored and nurtured?

I felt an intrinsic knowing that a woman’s birth story is more than just “delivering a baby”. She is also birthing into motherhood and transforming herself into the next phase of her life. Birth is the most sacred and special experience a woman will go through. In this world, many of us need the support to guide us, to teach us to trust our bodies and intuition, and to nurture us. THIS is why I am a Birthworker.

I would describe myself as a quiet, calm, patient and positive person. I aim to bring this energy into every client’s home and birthing environment.

My name is Monique Morris and I am a Doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy under the guidance of Vicki Hobbs. If you would like to talk more about my services, please contact me.

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Swaddle & Sage
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