Carly Williams

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East Maitland NSW, Australia
1 Molly Morgan Drive East Maitland New South Wales 2323 AU

Hi, I’m Carly

I’m a Mum, wife, lover of cooking, the outdoors, sport and exercise, sending time with my family and a good book. I live with my family in East Maitland, NSW in the beautiful Hunter Valley. I’m a big believer in taking a wholistic approach to life. I am a loyal, committed, caring person and a massive supporter of women, especially women navigating maiden to mother.

I have 3 little girls and became a mother in 2017. Once I had experienced navigating pregnancy, the transformational moments of birth and the identity shift and challenges of postpartum, I felt my true passion and life’s purpose come to light.

When supporting women, I am a listener, an informer, an educator, an advocator. I nourish and nurture her, I validate her feelings, I encourage trust of herself, her baby, and her body. I ask her what her instincts are telling her. Through this process she finds her voice, she empowers herself, she holds the power of her choices. It is her body and her birth, in her way.

Through my training and working with women, my desires for women are that they feel informed of all possibilities during pregnancy, labour and birth. Knowledge, evidence and instincts lead to informed decisions which in turn can positively impact a women’s feelings about her birth and the outcome, including how she feels during postpartum. As a doula, I support you to bring your ideal birth to life.

I desire for women to be strong advocators for themselves and their baby during birth as well as postpartum. I support you to gain confidence in your body and baby’s ability to birth and teach you language on how you and your partner can advocate for yourself.

I desire women to take care of themselves first, to set boundaries so they can thrive, to be nourished and nurtured adequately to promote optimal rest and recovery during their early postpartum days and beyond. I desire women to seek and have available to them, the support they need to nurture themselves to their new identity, in a gentle way, during the transformational time of maiden to mother.

Through my educational knowledge, lived experiences and compassion I know I’ll make a positive impact to those women I will be honoured to support. I look forward to hearing from you.

My name is Carly Williams, and I am a qualified birth and postpartum doula based in East Maitland, NSW. I completed my training through the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me:

Carly Williams – Doula 

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Carly Williams Doula
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0499 594 313
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