Fay Oldroyd

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Dianella WA, Australia

Hi, I’m Fay. A pregnancy and postpartum doula based in Perth, WA.

I am passionate about supporting families during their journey to becoming parents. I’m here to ensure you feel supported, nourished and held during this magical time.

My mission is to reclaim birth as a rite of passage, rather than a medical event, and return to our lost tradition of nurturing and nourishing newborn families.

My Offerings

In-Home Support:

My packages include in-home support during pregnancy and/or postpartum to ensure you feel strong, confident, supported and held throughout your journey. The support I provide looks different for everyone depending on your unique needs and circumstances, but may include: helping you to navigate the maternity system; exploring your birth preferences; providing emotional support; helping out with older children or fur babies; cooking nourishing, hearty food; holding baby while you have some “me time”.

One-Off Sessions:

My birth prep sessions look different for everyone depending on what information and support you require. I aim to gently guide you back to your intuition so you can make informed decisions that feel right for you and allow you to navigate your birth, however it unfolds.

I also offer postpartum planning sessions where we deep dive into creating a postpartum sanctuary. We will cover how to gather a village of support and negotiate boundaries; the importance of rest (and how to make it a priority!); hormones and healing; expectations around newborn sleep and care; and so much more!

About Me

I am a social worker and have been working in the mental health field for the past 3 years. My passion for all things birth developed during my own pregnancy in 2021. I soon realised that the maternity system is not designed to provide respectful, person-centred care to families and all too often leaves new parents feeling broken and alone. I want to change the way we support families during this precious time, ensuring you feel at the centre of your experience.

To find out more about how I can support you, get in touch via my website or social media. It would be an honour to walk alongside you during this sacred time.

With love and solidarity,

Fay xx

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