Amy van Beek

Oran Park, NSW
2 Fordham Way Oran Park New South Wales 2570 AU

Hey beauties!

I’m Amy and I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys, Logan and Oscar. I am located in the Macarthur region. I have a background in admin and finance and I have now found my true passion and am focused on that. Through past experiences I have learnt to live my life wholly and solely. My time is well spent with my children but I have also realised how important it is to have my own time and space to be a better mother.

My hobbies include journalling, exercising, writing, eating well, family moments, memories with friends, music, reality tv and reading. I prioritise rest, productivity at the right moments and healing myself along the way.

I enjoy the sunshine, water and fresh air. I have been through my fair share of hard times with heartache and becoming a single mother when my children were 3 and 1. This begun a further journey for me of self discovery and where I really want to be, and the kind of people I surround myself with.

I ensure my day is filled with people and things that make me feel good. We all have our hard days and down times so I endure these emotions thoroughly and work towards focusing on positive moments and things that bring me true happiness.


My business has two parts to it, both in which go hand in hand. I am a certified doula and I have written my own collection of affirmation cards, suitable to all different stages of life.

My doula business is very close to my heart. After having a traumatising first birth with no clue about anything I was doing and having every pain medication to be thought of.. I then went on to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c section) and this truely inspired me as a woman. The post partum period and pregnancies were both very tough on my mental and physical spirit. I am here to support, guide and advocate for you in this incredible journey. No woman should have to go through this time alone, or feeling unheard or unsupported. This early journey into motherhood is just the beginning and with all the sleepless nights (yes I’m sure you’ve been warned) 🤣 we still should be able to wake up most days with awareness of what is happening around us and to our bodies! Everyone needs support in different ways and i am here to connect with mammas who would love to be nurtured through my experience and love.


My purpose is to guide you throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

I am here to support you and hold your hand through your questions, your doubts and your whole journey.​​​

Our offerings have been created to provide you with insightful information while helping you make decisions, with no judgement. I can help you explore your options. I want to empower you with additional resources to feel confident in your choices through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.


My offerings are available to you here


My  business’ are truely my passion and a big part of my life.  After working in the corporate world for over 12 years,  and being blessed with my two beautiful boys, I have realised what matters to me most and what my true calling is.  Through my love of writing, my constant journey through healing and learning and after some really tough times that have lead me to where I am today,  words of affirmation have pulled me through the darkest of days. My cards are designed to fit into your home with a beautiful colour scheme and real words of affirming.  They were all written organically from the heart and based off real life experience. I believe my cards can bring a feeling of calm and reassurance to your days and through the practice of using these cards daily, they can truely change your mindset and your life. Sending so much love, Amy x


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