Tanielle French

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Wyndham Vale VIC, Australia
69 Greens Road Wyndham Vale Victoria 3024 AU

I’m Tanielle but you can call me T!

I’m the face behind Mother Rising Doula and I am currently training with Vicki Hobbs through the Doula Training Academy.

I am the mama of three highly spirited babes and my journey from maiden to mother began at the age of 22. I was young, I was naïve, and I had no postpartum support. But I was hooked, and this is when I dove into everything pregnancy and birth. This is where I learnt that everything I thought I knew, I didn’t really know.

The hospital was not in charge of how my pregnancy and birth went and it was nothing special that I was up and about with my husband and new baby the day after I left the hospital, but who was going to tell me that?

When I fell pregnant with my second, I was determined to do things differently.

We hired a private midwife and I birthed at home. It was everything that I had envisioned even with the transfer to hospital due to a postpartum haemorrhage. But in preparation for another home birth with my third, I researched and realised a lot of things that happened, didn’t have to happen and the transfer could’ve been avoided.

So, I free birthed our third, just me, my husband, my big babies and our Birth Keeper.

And although it was my longest and hardest labour and birth of all three, it was the most unforgettable, raw experience.

And I had postpartum support.

Becoming a mother is a rite of passage. It completely transforms us in mind, body and spirit. And it’s because of my own experiences that I want to be a part of the radical change we see in society.

My journey into motherhood has taught me that women are truly capable of anything with the right support system. And my job as your Doula is to hold space and support you, provide you with the tools and resources to help you feel confident in your decisions, and to remind you that you have all the power.

I’d love to connect with you and support you in your most transformative journey.

t xx

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Mother Rising Doula
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0468 835 316
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