Stevie Seymour

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Wodonga VIC, Australia

After years of drifting through life and never having any real sense of purpose, it was during my first pregnancy that I finally discovered my calling… BIRTH WORK!!

Like many women, I was extremely uneducated about pregnancy, birth and labour and had no idea just how uneducated I was until I started researching and preparing for my first labour and birth. I remember thinking to myself “I wish someone already had all of this information ready to give to me, so I don’t have to spend hours searching and then questioning if this is true and reliable information”.

This was the seed being planted that birth work was my calling…. I went on to have a great first birth experience and welcomed a little boy. I will never forget how strong and warrior like I felt after giving birth. I have never been prouder of myself in my whole life.

Shortly after, I was hearing a lot of friends and family having not so positive births and I thought to myself why? Why have these women been denied feeling what I felt after giving birth? And it made me very sad, but it also made me think, perhaps I could educate women and help them find their inner warrior so that they too can have great birth experiences. And that was the seed being watered a little…..

Since then, I have had 2 more great births and one pending. Baby number 2 was a big boy but because I trust my body and the birth process and was well educated, we smashed it as a team. Baby number 3, I call my “accidental on-purpose freebirth.” We hadn’t planned on a freebirth (however deep down I always wanted one, so I believe this is why it happened the way it did) but she was so eager to join us earthside that she slipped into her Dad’s arms before our midwife reached us.

And now I am physically and mentally preparing for our fourth birth.

I just love pregnancy and birth, I eat, live and breathe it every day!

I have studied (and continue to study) so that I can provide you with the most up to date information regarding pregnancy, labour and birth so that you are aware of all of your options. It is then that you can begin to visualise your dream birth and together we can work towards making that dream come true.

I can assist you in preparing your mind and your body for your birth, as I believe your mindset can greatly affect the outcome. During labour I can ensure that you feel safe and supported and apply techniques to help you feel more comfortable. I will hold space for you so that you can have the birth you envisioned, and I will advocate for you when needed so that you can birth your way!

Not only will I provide you with an abundance of relevant information and help you prepare your mind and body, but I will also help you tune in to that powerful feminine energy that exists within you. It is this energy that you will tune in to during labour to birth your baby like all the women before us.

  • I provide you with up-to-date information from reliable sources so that you can be educated and prepared for birth and make informed decisions.
  • I provide you with techniques (physical and mental) that you can apply during labour to ease pain and discomfort.
  • I work with your birth partner to teach them techniques so that they can also assist you during labour.
  • I listen. I listen to your fears and provide assurance where needed. I listen to your hopes and dreams and work with you to create them into reality. I listen to your wants and needs and do what I can to meet those for you.
  • I help you discover that warrior feminine energy inside that you will tap into during labour.
  • I hold space for you so that you can have the birth you envisioned.
  • I will advocate for you when needed so that you can birth your way. 

If what I am saying resonates with you and you would like me on your birth team, please contact me and let’s see if we vibe.

My name is Stevie Seymour, and I am a qualified doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me.

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Gentle Lotus Doula
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0434 383 373
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