Sasha Murray

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Coogee NSW, Australia

Hi there, I’m Sasha.

I have 14 years’ experience working with newborns, infants and toddlers. I have worked with families in Australia, the USA and have even worked as a childcare educator for Disney Cruise Line in the Bahamas.

After many years working with new mums and seeing the need and desire for more birth and postpartum support I made the transition to doula. I find it so rewarding working as a doula knowing that I am helping families through this new, exciting, and challenging transformation.

I am also a qualified fitness professional and have found this skillset extremely beneficial in regards to my doula work. Maintaining your physical health throughout pregnancy and beyond is so valuable. Helping you to be both mentally and physically prepared for birth and motherhood is a huge part of my philosophy and something that we will tackle together.

I currently specialise in postpartum care, working with countless new mammas and babies has allowed me to understand that each baby is an individual and will have their own personality from birth and therefore every postpartum period is unique. I have completed my doula birth studies through the Doula Training Academy and feel well equipped to start supporting mammas through their pregnancy and birth.

I would love to hear more about you and your family, and what you are looking to gain from having a doula, so feel free to contact me.

Business Name:
Sasha Murray Birth Services
Phone Number:
0403 700 778