Olivia Figueiredo

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Fremantle WA, Australia
5 State Route 12 Fremantle Western Australia 6160 AU

Hi there, I am Olivia, and I am based in Perth.

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a partner, an environment lover, a barre instructor, and a fermented food lover.

I am the woman behind Conscious Bodies Co.

I have two beautiful children that were both born in Mallorca, Spain.

There I experienced 2 completely different births, a long hospital birth with interventions and trauma, and an unintended free birth at home.

This has cemented to me that I have the ability to support women no matter what kind of birth she wants.

Whether you chose to free birth at home/home birth, or a hospital birth, I believe women need to be heard, trusted, supported, and feel safe in their environment.

And that is the job of a doula.

I first became in awe of the power of women’s bodies when I watched my sister being born at home in the water when I was 19 years old. Those images are still imprinted in my mind.

I offer conscious birthing through supporting women to feel empowered, respected, held and heard before, during and after birth.

Women should not have to birth ‘alone,’ women need to feel free, and supported.

I love the ocean, it cleanses my soul, most weekends you’ll find me filling my cup attempting to surf or hiking in nature appreciating the beautiful world we live in.

I am a gut nerd, so much so that I opened the first micro kombucha brewery in Mallorca back in 2019, Conscious Kombucha Co. I moved home to Perth in 2021 to be closer to my family and bring my children back to my roots. I have a passion for health and food, and I am currently building holistic nutrition-based wellbeing programs through movement and awareness.

I am a certified barre instructor that is on my journey to specialise in post and prenatal barre.

I aim to assist women in preparing their bodies for labour, building strength, posture and learning how to relax certain muscles ready for birth. Also, for post-natal, gently assisting women with posture, balance, and strength to feel happy and confident within their changing bodies. How to nourish your body for breastfeeding and appreciating that body and all the power it has.

I also hold a weekly mothers circle where all women and children are welcome. Creating community and support for those women who are pregnant or for those who have had their babies and want to slowly begin with movement and connection.

I am qualified in the following areas:

  • Doula Training Academy Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula
  • Completed Professional Breastfeeding Course
  • Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver training
  • Barre Instructor Certification
  • Post and Prenatal Barre Certification

I provide support for mothers during the birthing process, before and after labour.

I am understanding, free of judgment and compassionate.

I would be honoured to work with you during your pregnancy and support you.

Love and light.

My name is Olivia Figueiredo, and I am a certified doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services, please contact me.

Business Name:
Conscious Bodies Co.
Phone Number:
0478 640 321
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