Nikola Goodall

Marangaroo WA, Australia
2 Rawlinson Drive Marangaroo Western Australia 6064 AU

Hey you, thanks for visiting.  I’m Nikola from Illuminate with Nikola, a birth Doula based in Boorloo (Perth, NOR).

I am a lover of nature, creation and connection. I love reading, writing, snacks and hanging out with my two young kids that continue to expand my patience, compassion and kindness by the day.

Since doula-ing I have found a calling for Childbirth Education and creating community. Bringing women together to support each other in beautiful spaces, to feel held and share wisdom.

My birthy research journey began when I started preparing for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) birth of my second baby. A fire was lit in my belly when I realised I would need to advocate so strongly for myself to have a chance of even attempting the birth I wanted. After attending hypnobirthing classes and doing ALL OF THE THINGS to feel prepared, I realised there is such a massive gap in the information from care providers. The more research I did, the more baffled I was that physiological birth is not being supported in our culture.

I also had a lot of friends and family open up to me about their struggles in postpartum. I deeply believe our society has failed us here. We have been so separated from our support networks then left to juggle baby, home, chores, visits, all while our bodies are healing and our souls are adjusting to our new life as mumma. It’s just not meant to be this way,  we are not meant to do it alone.

This is where I come in.. I offer one on one education and support in preparing for your dream birth, unwavering support during birth and nourishing postpartum care.  I will see you, hear you and hold you, from maiden to mother, and ensure you are not left alone to merely survive your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey, but ensure you and your baby can thrive through it.

No matter how much you know about birth already, or what your desires are, we can figure it all out together. Think of me as your birth bestie.

You are so worthy of being cared for and I wish you all the best on your journey.

If you feel aligned to work with me I would absolutely love to here from you. You can find Illuminate with Nikola on socials and at the links below:

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