Nadia Taylor

Toowoomba QLD, Australia
385 Goombungee Road Toowoomba City Queensland 4350 AU

Hi ladies! I’m an experienced radical Christian freebirth mentor, birthkeeper and photographer! I’m a VBAC mother to 3, and I offer in-person mentoring in pregnancy and birth support if your in SE Queensland, Australia, as well as virtual doula mentoring/support for your homebirth/freebirth journey anywhere in the world!

What is my “why” for becoming a doula?

I became a doula when I was only 19 years old, through DONA International back in 2009. My vision was to eventually become a midwife as a missionary in developing countries, but over my journey – initially mainly attending hospital births, then having three children of my own and experiencing the hardship and belittling abuse of power and authority in the maternity medical system – started questioning if I would want to be trained and taught by people who don’t respect women,  or their bodies, who don’t trust the birth process, and carry a lot of their own personal fears to birth.

In 2020, a shift in my career changed and I couldn’t attend hospital births anymore due to the restrictions and lockdowns, when we were living in Sydney at the time. I was blessed to start attending more and more homebirths and freebirths out of it though, and I Knew this was the work I wanted to do with women!

I have grown a lot since I began my doula journey 14 years ago, and now my passion lies in reminding women that they actually already know how to give birth, it’s instinctual, and that mothers know what is best for them and their babies. That birth should be hands off, undisturbed, and how God originally designed birth to be- physiological, transformative, and even healing. I help women tune into their intuition and instincts, face their fears, and be led by faith. Let’s have a complimentary chat! 

Business Name:
My Sacred Birth
Phone Number:
AU 0468422642
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