Megan Blood

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Greenwood Western Australia, Australia

Hi there! My name is Megan, and I am already excited that you are here as it means you are working on preparing for a positive journey ahead in the birth world.

My own experiences gave me the desire of serving women and supporting them. I have always enjoyed supporting people and helping them achieve their goals. With a background of personal training, coaching, group fitness instructing and an undeniable desire to be a mother, I can now see how all the life experience I have had, has now benefited me greatly in becoming a birth worker.

I gave birth to my beautiful son, Leo, via emergency C-section after unknowingly not being very educated about the physiology of birth and the risks of interventions. The day he was born I was already wanting to do it better next time and I invested so much time on how I could achieve VBAC in future.

I also felt so alone for parts of the journey, particularly the hospital experience which was highly impacted by Covid restrictions at the time and later on it was clear that there was a lack of information provided to me, which had affected my choices.  Fast forward 18 months, I experienced an extremely healing, calm and supportive VBAC at home to my daughter Emmerson. A feeling I wish for all birthing women and my biggest achievement.

I believe in a woman’s ability to birth.

I believe all women should be informed for all scenarios, so that she can decide what is best for her and have a positive experience in pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum.

I believe that women should be supported in any decision she makes for herself and her baby, whether that is a medicalised birth, a scheduled Caesarean section or a physiological birth. A woman should be supported in where she chooses to birth her baby, whether that be at home, in a public or private hospital.

If a woman is surrounded by love and support, she will feel safe, respected and more likely to experience a positive postpartum.

This is an event that stays with her for the rest of her life and so it is important that she is surrounded by people that value this Rite of Passage.

Believe in yourself, your choices and your ability, because this experience is transformative, and it’ll blow your mind! 

My strengths as your doula are to help you learn how you can advocate for yourself. I find this to be the biggest hurdle for women, particularly in the hospital system but also because of societies influence and how other women’s birth stories are perceived or portrayed. It is amazing how many times a woman will speak about what she is “allowed” to do, or what she would like to “if possible”. It seems women are always seeking permission or validation for what they want and that they do not know their rights. I consider myself a cheerleader, an encourager, and a good listener.

I respect a woman’s personal choice’s and feel really proud when a woman can confidently say what she wants or needs throughout her pregnancy, postpartum but particularly in the birth space.

In preparation for birth, I love to discuss your birth preferences, create a birth plan, talk about fears around birth, provide resources and information about any potential complications or processes that you may be unsure about. We will go over different comfort measures in labour, how your partner can be involved and how to create a beautiful birth space, wherever that may be.

Then, it is just as important to prepare for the postpartum period as this is something that is often overlooked. We can discuss breastfeeding support, feeding options, important things you may need to buy, how to ask for help from family and friends and some tips for making the adjustment of having your precious baby a little easier.

I am the doula who will guide you, listen to you and always be the person to remind you why you are doing this and that you can do it, that you deserve this positive experience.

My name is Megan Blood, and I am a practicing Student Doula in Perth, WA currently training with the Doula Training Academy. I would love to hear from you!

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BirthMind Doula Services
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0406 904 139
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