Maddison Borrelli

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Bonbeach VIC, Australia
34B Fowler Street Bonbeach Victoria 3196 AU

Welcome, my name is Maddi, and I am a Doula based in Victoria covering the north eastern to the south eastern corners of Melbourne.

I am currently a second year Naturopathy student at Endeavour College of Natural Health and a HypnoBirthing International Practitioner.

My purpose for choosing to walk this path alongside of you, is I am fiercely dedicated to the feminine energy and presence in the birth space, supporting both you and your chosen partner, allowing for a nurturing transition through the birthing of you and your baby. Every woman deserves to be loved, cared for, well informed, and supported in their journey and my role is to provide you with the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support you desire. I am also there to work with you in teaching your birthing partner how they can support you through the sacred passage of childbirth and to provide you with continuity of care.

I found my purpose as a Doula through my own birth story. My mother’s story was the only positive birth I had ever been told. This highlighted to me the need to return birth back to women and to celebrate in all births, whilst supporting each other in the difficult experiences. As women I believe we should be building each other up, within our community that we choose.

My mission is to provide you with the tools of support, knowledge, and strength for you to find YOUR power and reclaim the trust within yourself and your baby. You are responsible for the birth you choose and together, I would be honoured to support you through the antenatal, birth and postpartum journey.

Many birth blessing to you and your baby, I am sure we will meet soon.

My name is Maddison Borrelli and I am a Doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs.

If you would like to talk more about your birthing options, please contact me.

Business Name:
Melbourne Birth Collective
Phone Number:
0400 900 204
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