Leonie Quigley

Kingsley WA, Australia
87 Creaney Drive Kingsley Western Australia 6026 AU

My grandkids call me mima, but my name is actually Leonie.

I have qualifications in Nursing, Herbalism, Nutrition, Community Work and Personal Carer/Support Work and Doula work.

Personally, I am a proud mother to four beautiful grown up children and mima to four insanely gorgeous grandchildren. I have been married to my ever patient husband for 37 years and I think he is finally starting to understand me.

Three of our children were born in a bush hospital in country Victoria and the fourth was born here, in WA, at Joondalup Health Campus (formerly Joondalup Bush Nursing Hospital). I was born and bred on a beef, sheep and dairy farm in Victoria and moved to WA for a couple of years, 28 years ago.

As a Doula my goal is to help my clients to achieve the birth of their baby how, and where they want.

This is a very individual and personal decision, and it is my role to make every effort to make their wishes become a reality.

My skills as a herbalist and nutritionist will be incorporated into packages to provide my clients with a holistic and natural experience.

My place of business is situated in Kingsley, Western Australia and my clients are, as a rule, north of the river, however I am happy to negotiate on this.

Take a look at my website and check out the range of services and packages.

Alternatively, email me or give me a call with any questions.

Business Name:
Herbal Naturiel Doula Services
Phone Number:
0419 939 564
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