Laura Roser

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Casino NSW, Australia
201 Centre Street Casino New South Wales 2470 AU

Hi, I am Laura!

I am a mum of two beautiful little people who fill my days with enthusiasm and boundless energy. I love to crochet, and my happy place is in the kitchen cooking nourishing meals for my family.

For as long as I can remember I have loved babies and taking care of others. This led me to enter the birthing world ten years ago. It is always such a joy to be able to support women in labour and birth, and those first days of becoming parents. With time I realised that my role as a midwife in the traditional medical system was no longer allowing me to provide adequate support to my women. I have always strived to support my families wholly but outside pressures were making this increasingly difficult.

As life evolved so have my beliefs and values. After having two very different birthing experiences, my most recent birth being one of incredible healing and a demonstration of my own strength, I knew my calling was no longer in the medical system directly. Instead, I want to be able to journey with my families, providing tools and knowledge to make them feel empowered, regardless of their birth choices.

So, I find myself here in this moment… I have never lost that deep love for women and their growing families. As a doula I can provide the complete care that might be lacking from the medicalised system. It is my intention to give women the tools to birth in their power. I know the strength and courage of a woman and am left in complete awe with every birth I am blessed to be part of.

As a doula I get to know my clients intimately, care for them in a wholesome way throughout the entire pregnancy, be present for the full duration of labour and birth and provide emotional support and care as they navigate life becoming a new family.

A doula does not replace a medically trained professional.

What I will do is help you build confidence and courage, a belief in yourself, provide education, offer a safe place for emotional support to work through any trauma and fears that may need to be released prior to your birth. In the birthing space I bring with me joy, a sense of calm, encouragement, and support for both you and your chosen people. I want you and your partner to feel held with someone you trust so you can remain the author of your own birth journey.

I’m Laura Roser and I am a doula based west of Casino, NSW, with 10 years’ experience in the birthing world. I am completing extensive training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. If you would like to connect and talk more about your birthing options, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your story and dreams for your current pregnancy and birth.

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