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Aldinga Beach SA, Australia
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When you start high school, they ask you ‘’what you want to be when you’re older?”

You continue to grow older swapping from job to job until you find your true calling. It wasn’t until I had my second baby did, I realise the importance of a doula and what they do. That lead to now and why I now do what I do.

Let’s start with who I am!

My name is Kristy Lee, I am a proud mother of Oliver and Primrose! I live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, right near the beach and enjoy living in the moment, staying busy and family time. I also teach dance and own a company for all kinds of kids from all backgrounds.

Both by births were positive because I have the right, supportive team behind me and I was encouraged to find my power, dig deep, and believe in the process of what birth is. Now, I want to do that for other women. My purpose as a doula is to find the power every mother holds within them and build confidence, control, self-ability and achieve their vision during childbirth. To create a space of peace and stillness and allow the power of the mind to ignore the pain and welcome the strength that is within you. My focus is to educate expecting parents to bring their mind power to their birth, leaving no doubt they are capable to achieve the birth they desire.

I would be honoured to share the space with expecting parents and support them at such a wonderful time in their life. Birth is an incredible moment of beauty, that needs to be celebrated. The beauty of it seems to be shadowed by modern day expectations and white plain hospital rooms with people breathing down you neck. This needs to change. Far too many parents are persuaded by modern birth practices, inadvertently by ‘’ expectations and clinical check lists’’. Birth is a spiritual experience; modern birthing expectations and practices have shadowed the deep meaning behind birth and forgotten women and their birth rites. I can advocate your ideal birth within my scope of practice.

I had a doula with my second baby, and I would love all Mumma’s to be able to have this support available. Not only during the motions of birth, after as well. Birth is a marathon; you need to be cared for post birth. It is the little things, shower assistance, changing bubs, giving you food. All these small details are forgotten when mother is still reminiscing what she just went through, recovering and holding baby skin to skin. Doulas are there for the long hall and there is no limit to the emotional support they offer.

My daughter was born in a 7-day lockdown during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, did this worry me, no? Why you ask? Because I was proactive, I prepared for the birth I had been manifesting and working hard for, for 9 months. Was I about to let it go, nope not at all! I was told by the hospital at 39+4 I no longer had the midwife I had been working with my entire pregnancy and to NOT go into labour because they did not have the staff to support my dreams of having a home birth, I was shocked and uncertain. I could internally feel bubs was then packing off, I wasn’t prepared.

All these stressful factors on the outside can completely and utterly interfere with the natural progression of childbirth.

My birth team I brought into my birth journey were holding my birth together. This is where the realisation of doula was so very important and played a huge part in the entire process of birth and specially those later stages of pregnancy.

Eventually with all the support and guidance I knew my strength and I knew I was not allowing the ‘’ system’’ to tell me I was not having my homebirth after so much work. I hired a private Midwife, and I instantly became calm, and bubs came 4 days later. Coincidence, no! I don’t think so. Did It take work for me to be as strong as I was in that moment? Yes!

Doula’s can help you get there too, in case the uncertain happens or you get thrown a curve ball because as we all know, we may paint that perfect picture but sometimes the water may just spill over out painting. Together we can aim for a more positive birth experience, then you can share your story and find the power in other women for their birthing benefit. It’s a great positive and constructive chain affect.

Mothers need their voice back; they need to be heard and seen. Births at home are becoming more normalised or should I say, they are coming back in and being normalised and actually spoken about.

I am an open book to your thoughts, birth vision and birth plan. I can find your belief, bring your power forward which will lead you into the ‘’ un talked about fourth Trimester with confidence and strength.

I have educated myself to become a doula for not just one reason. For multiple. I know there are so many capable women out there who need education, guidance, and someone to believe in them who has the educational background and professional backing to support them when it comes down to successfully achieving the birth they desire.

Be birth ready, your way with Birth By Mother!

My name is Kristy Lee Allen-Stephens, and I am a qualified doula who has completed training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. I would love to chat more with you about all your birthing rights and options. I look forward to hearing from you.


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