Karina Scobie

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Aldinga Beach SA, Australia

“The birthing of you, from maiden to mother. Bringing the sacredness of birth and the first forty days back to its roots with nurturing, wisdom, and grounding”. 

I am a mother of four, a spirited Pisces, lover of all things birth and postpartum, books, music, chai and the ocean.

My journey to becoming a birth keeper has taken me on a full spectrum exploration of my truest self. From a very young age I was fascinated with pregnancy, birth and intuitively or possibly by imprint, a need and longing to mother the mother. I read, and absorbed the knowledge and wisdom of others, listened to birth stories told by those around me all through my teens and was adamant about becoming a midwife when my own rite of passage to motherhood began at 18, in 2005.

It was the births of my boys, and my experiences working as a nurse that fuelled my desire to further explore all the paradigms of birth, postpartum and mothering. Following this exploration, and despite feeling educated, full of knowing, trust in my body and power, the births of my last two babies were vastly different from each other and my yearning to become a midwife imploded.

My last birth cracked me open, allowing me to follow my intuition from childhood into focusing my energy on becoming a birth keeper, and space holder.

It is my honour to nurture, ground and holistically support you through your birthing journey and the creation of your own sacred story. My work as a doula is intuitive, so in walking alongside women, I inspire them to trust themselves, and their knowledge while providing opportunities for them to discover and delve into their inner knowing.

My name is Karina Scobie, and I am studying to become a doula through the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. Intuition, personal experience and learned wisdom have me perpetually evolving as both a person and a birth keeper. The journey from maiden to mother is a transformative rite of passage in which I am honoured to hold space for.

I am based on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

I look forward to connecting with you over a cup of something warm.

Business Name:
Fleurieu Birth
Phone Number:
0400 661 483
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