Jami Twine

Aveley WA, Australia
35 Harman Place Aveley Western Australia 6069 AU

Hey, Jami here! I’m a student Doula and aspiring birth photographer in Perth, Western Australia.

I am a mumma to two beautiful daughters, Thea and Rori, and to be honest, for a while I have struggled to define myself as anything other than a mother, so writing this ‘about me’ is nothing short of a challenge.

I grew up in a small country town in rural Western Australia and spent my last 3 high school years at an all girls boarding school, which had its many ups and downs but ultimately taught me the value of a solid support system.

After leaving school, I entered into a career in childcare and became an advocate for child led play based learning. I enjoyed working with children on an individual level, instead of utilising a one size fits all approach. After meeting my partner in 2014, I moved to the city, we adopted 3 fur babies and built a house.

I then became pregnant with my first born, Thea, and as a plus size Woman, I was instantly robbed of my options and given little say in my care. I thought this was normal at the time and didn’t question my experience. Despite this, I actually had a really positive birth.

Birthing Thea gave me a whole new appreciation for my body and it’s magic.

Thea turned me into an attachment parenting, co-sleeping, baby wearing, cloth nappy using and low tox living advocate and gave me a whole new purpose.

By the time I became pregnant with my second daughter, Rori, I had developed a greater understanding of my options and wanted to experience a physiological birth. I didn’t want to face the same restrictions I’d faced during my first pregnancy just because of my BMI. I knew my weight didn’t determine my ability to birth, so we hired an independent Midwife who was happy to support me in my dream to have a home birth. The continuity of care and the support I had from my Midwife was immeasurable.

Rori’s birth was a planned home birth, that ended in my Midwife arriving as my partner received Rori. Though this wasn’t the birth I had planned, it was the birth I needed. It only reinforced how powerful and capable I am.

My hope is to allow you, as a birthing person, to have a space where you feel safe, heard, held and witnessed. To help you find the evidence-based information you need to feel confident in your decision and help you with the transition into postpartum.

My name is Jami Twine and I am a student doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. If you would like more information about my doula services please contact me:

Business Name:
Wildflowers and Twine
Phone Number:
0447 828 130