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Bridgeman Downs QLD, Australia
16 Harborough Street Bridgeman Downs Queensland 4035 AU

My name is Jade from Jade Ball Doula. I live in Brisbane (Bridgeman Downs) with my husband and three beautiful daughters. I am a belly, birth and baby nerd with a passion in supporting women towards achieving a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC).

Growing, birthing and then nourishing my own babies was the most amazing, exhilarating, wonderful and transformative time of my entire life! Very typically as birth goes – I have had three very different and unique birthing experiences. My first daughter was born (while not traumatic) by an unwanted caesarean. My second and third daughters were born via VBAC – one induced, long and with a cascade of interventions, the other spontaneous, unmedicated and super quick!

As I researched, listened and prepared for my VBAC births I became completely overwhelmed by the number of women who were experiencing really traumatic births. They were being completely let down by the people they trusted to care for them, and they were starting their journey into motherhood lost and broken. It is my goal to help first time mothers’ step into their birthing power and to help mothers who have walked this road before, reclaim the power they may have lost the first time.

As your doula, I will help to prepare your body for the birth of your baby as well as preparing your mind so that your wants, needs, and rights and are voiced, heard and respected.

I will share my knowledge, expertise, research and resources about birth education to eliminate fear so that you feel strong, confident and comfortable with your birth choices.

I will show you different tools and techniques you can use to stay calm and focused during labour to help minimise pain and discomfort.

I will listen to your wants, needs, fears, and goals to help you write a comprehensive birth plan / map, so you feel prepared and confident for birth.

I will work with your partner and help them to be the very best support person they can be, allowing you to relax and focus on your body and your baby during labour and birth.

I will use my knowledge of massage and body work to provide comfort to you during pregnancy and to help make space for baby.

I will be right by your side during the birth, supporting and encouraging you physically, emotionally, and mentally – however you need me.

I will meet with you after the birth to debrief, chat and provide postpartum doula support.

My name is Jade Ball, and I am a doula who has completed training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. If you would like to talk to me more about your birthing options, please contact me.

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Jade Ball Doula
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0421 472 344
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