Jacqui Harris

Kawana QLD, Australia
42 Hinchliff Street Kawana Queensland 4701 AU

Hello beautiful souls,

My name is Jacqui – doula, multi-dimensional creatrice, founder, owner and very friendly face of SurgetoSoul, located in Central Queensland, Rockhampton.

I am 28 years old, an empathic nurturer, wife to a wife and have been blessed twice now with the gift of growing and birthing life – my daughters now 5 and 3.

I love nurturing all things birth, prenatal and postnatal – I have had an obsession and fascination with this magical process for as long as I can remember.

I love sex, self-love and all things sensuality – I believe there is true inner power and source here and aim to follow my doula certification with a sexology qualification.

I love essential oils, all things low tox and working with Young Living.

As a registered nurse I understand and believe modern medicine has a place however my personal beliefs are more holistic and homeopathic.

I Love.

My purpose as a doula is to guide and ease the transition of souls Earthside.

I fulfill this by nurturing, educating and enlightening you and your womb space through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

Intuitively and instinctively guiding your return to your primal self who understands, trusts and surrenders to the natural process that is birth.

Awakening your knowing to your natural, source given ability to birth.

Holding space for you, your partner and your baby to –


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Surge To Soul
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