Feiyah Hadar

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Parkerville WA, Australia
36 Byfield Road Parkerville Western Australia 6081 AU

My name is Feiyah (she/they), and I am in service to ecstatic, wild birthing.

I grew up between two sides of the globe with a rich spiritual upbringing and a reverence for the sacred within. To this day, I have a ritual with my mother every year on my birthday where I ask her to retell the story of my birth – and her rebirth – in great detail. Ever since I can remember, I saw this initiation as a sacred, metaphysical portal between worlds, and have always felt the calling as a gatekeeper between realms.

I recognise that how we were birthed into this world, and how we choose to give birth – imprints us deeply, and holds the power to create truly radical change on the planet. 

Trained as a somatic and shamanic practitioner, I prioritise natural, holistic and inclusive approaches with as little intervention as possible, based on principles of earth reverence, nervous system capacity and slow pleasure.

I deeply believe in the birthing person’s ability to be connected to their primal knowing no matter how they birth, and will encourage them to tap into their wellspring of primal wisdom, supporting them to experience the most memorable moments of their life in a deeply grounded and body-honouring way.

At the heart of my vision resides the unification of our primal and divine selves as central to full spectrum healing and evolution. I find that the deepest form of healing and support occurs through the gaze of the soul, embodied in the nervous system, accessed through our senses.

I bring this to the birth keeping space through embodiment practices such as sensual meditation, primal movement and somatic descent, to support an integrated and ecstatic experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I believe that birthing in an open, regulated body can be orgasmic and transcendental, as well as deeply embodied in primal expression.

I offer queer inclusive, trauma sensitive and compassionate care. I understand that every family is unique, and I strive to honour each individual’s unique lineage, abilities, gender identity, orientation and neurodiversity.

I am a doula who has trained through the Doula Training Academy, and you can contact me via the links below.

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