Dani Bigwood

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North Lake WA, Australia

I’m Dani Bigwood and I’m a doula and an experienced Pre and Postnatal Pilates Instructor living south of the river in Perth.

I am a cacao and tea lover, fierce friend and partner, crystal admirer, believer in the universal energies, devotee to natural and alternative medicine and huge advocate for body autonomy.

I have a warm, compassionate, and nurturing nature, and am able to empathise all women and their different needs. I am reliable, honest and provide a service that is instinctive and tailored to the mother.

I want to support you in Your vision for Your birth, in whatever capacity that looks like.  We all know what is best for us, whether that goes against the grain or not.

I want to support women in letting go of the fear surrounding birth and encourage them to take ownership of their instincts, their bodies, pregnancies, and births. I provide in depth childbirth education to encourage you to make informed choices surrounding your birth and supply research on the benefits and risks of your decisions.

I will educate you on various tools and techniques for you to utilize with your partner during your labour to relieve and manage pain and create a safe and calm space for the two of you to connect while waiting for the arrival of your bub.

I provide specialised and tailored Pilates to you and your growing bump. I provide education on the exercises to do before and after your birth, to manage pain, keep you strong but supple and to help your body recover after birth.

It’s important that I do this work to help debunk the myths around birth, specifically that homebirths are unnatural and dangerous, and expel the idea that every woman needs intervention for ‘safe’ births.

I want to remind women that we have all the knowledge within us to birth our children and to take back our rights for body autonomy surrounding our birth from the medical system when it isn’t necessary.

My job as your doula is to help achieve Your Vision for Your Birth in whatever capacity.

I will be there for emotional, informational, and educational support.

I am there to ensure you feel seen and heard throughout your pregnancy and birth in order to create the most positive experience possible, making the transition into motherhood more seamless and enjoyable.

I will gently guide you to your intuition, your strength, your power so you can find that sense of magic and appreciation of what your body can do.

Of what YOU can do.

My name is Dani Bigwood, and I am a doula who has trained at the Doula Training Academy. I would love to hear from you, and I can be contacted through my website below or you can send me an email.

Business Name:
Little Pixie Birthing
Phone Number:
0402 846 066
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