Claire Videon

Adelaide SA, Australia
7 Barnes Crescent Woodcroft South Australia 5162 AU
Hey Mumma!

I’m Claire, and I live in the south of Adelaide living my life the best I can. I love spending time with my friends and family and watching my nieces and nephews grow into tiny humans.

I have several roles – daughter, sister, aunt, granddaughter, friend, but my most recent and completely unexpected role is a magical one. I am a doula.

So how did I come to be in this new role? Well the short version is this – I started my Naturopathy degree in November 2020 shortly after my dad passed. He had fought a long battle with heart and kidney disease. I felt the need to educate people on their health and preventative measures and in doing so, fell in love with the holistic side to health.

Jump forward a bit to February 2021, my brother and absolute queen of a sister-in-law fell pregnant with a little help from science. But then they were left to their own devices with not a lot of support.

I saw a need. I didn’t realise that such a profession existed until I saw someone post on social media that they were studying to become a Doula.

And now, since doing my face-to-face training in Perth with the extraordinary Vicki Hobbs, my “Why” has become so much clearer and stronger.​​

I believe that you have the right to birth in your own way, to make informed choices, give and withdraw consent and have complete autonomy over your body. I believe you have the right to a positive and magical birth experience.

Go and have a look at my website and make your booking for a free initial consult.

Love and warm hugs,



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