Cara Green

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Tahmoor NSW, Australia
145 Old Hume Highway Tahmoor New South Wales 2573 AU

Hello, ciao, bonjour!

My name is Cara, based in Tahmoor NSW, trained by the Doula Training Academy and happy owner of Intuitive Birth.

I am a natural enthusiast, a lover of books, a huge fan of jazz music and infatuated by the world surrounding me. Growing up extremely close to my mother and two older sisters, my interest in women’s health, spirituality and sensuality began earlier than most. My family of women were and will always be my guides to what a woman, in her true full glory, can live like.

From Psychology, to Veterinary Nursing, my life tends to veer in the direction of helping others. Not only does it show in my work but my lifestyle – I am a plant-based eater, a follower of ‘slow fashion’ and believe that movement of the body is the best medicine.

Through my love for snowboarding, surfing, yoga, and exercise classes I find my therapy and stillness in life.

So how did I get here?

Ten years committed to the healing of my body and spirit taught me invaluable lessons I need to share.

It is through this journey of self-discovery and connection I have found my calling. Or rather, listened to what has been calling me all along.

Birth has become an experience where women shudder at the thought and fear the pain they are told they will endure. This fear builds on with each generation of interfered and neglected birthing women. I want to show you there is another way.

My strong belief is that pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent is the greatest vessel for creativity, self-reflection, and readjustment. Taking the fear out of birth and uncovering the trust and confidence in yourself, you are then able to take full advantage of this experience.

That is where I come in as your Doula.

I offer education, evidence-based information, skills, and nurturing no matter your birth preferences. I hold the sacred space for women to birth their creation in the way that resonates with their values and desires while ensuring they are heard and respected. My focus aims to help bring women, and men, back to their natural states, where their energy aligns, and they can again find their innate wisdom and trust their instincts.

My regard for ongoing training and up to date research gives you the benefit of knowing the most recent studies and guidelines to assist you in making informed decisions, as well as an ever growing list of techniques and tools.

But most importantly, I am your friend.

Your advocate.

I am an extension of the community you build and always on your side.

With a strong appreciation for modern medicine and its many benefits, together with my trust in the natural state of mind and body, I believe finding the balance between the two can offer an experience of transformative bliss for you and your birth.

If you would like to have a chat about working together or wanting more information on my services, please contact me via one of the below platforms.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

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Intuitive Birth
Phone Number:
0422 524 290
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