Aynsley Rope

Yokine WA, Australia

Hi and welcome.

My name is Aynsley, I originate from New Zealand and have called WA home for 9 years. I’m an introvert and extrovert rolled into one. I transmit whole-hearted energy, a big-time empath, intuitive, a lover of water and hold all traits that is Pisces!

I am a student doula with Doula Training Academy in Perth.

My fascination and love for pregnancy and birth first began when I donated my eggs to a family friend over a decade ago. I drew so much from that experience. Not only the physical side of undergoing an influx of hormones and the emotions that came in tow! But seeing how precious birth and the opportunity to become a mother is.

Whichever process is undertaken to get there – naturally conceiving, IVF or surrogacy – the journey is a powerful one which should be honored, and the woman’s needs and desires in her experience should be at the core.

Fast forward 11 years, here I am continuing to learn all things pregnancy, birth, the feminine.

SO why a doula!?…

To be able to support a woman through this rite of passage into motherhood just absolutely excites and satisfies my inner call on all levels!

I want to assist in instilling a positive & constructive mindset and eliminate those limiting beliefs and fears around birth. I believe with the right education; we can condition the mind to create a positively calm birthing experience. I truly believe every woman should have this opportunity.

You are a sacred vessel bringing a new soul earth side – you deserve all the support possible!

Whether your birth is a physiological or a non-physiological one and whether you are choosing to birth in hospital, at a birthing centre or home, I believe there are 5 important aspects that play a huge part in an overall positive birth experience:

  • To feel safe
  • To be supported
  • To know all your options
  • To have continuity of care, and lastly
  • To be satisfied with the outcome of your birthing journey, which I believe can be achieved when the above 4 have been met.

I understand all the stages of pregnancy to postpartum and everything in between, including the common complications that may arise.

My goal is to help you to feel more comfortable, empowered and confident.

Knowledge is power!

I will be your advocate and will help you become one for yourself.

I will be there to hold space for you where you can feel physically, mentally and emotionally supported. I am there as not only your doula but your partners side kick to assist in bringing your wee bub earth-side and to support your partner to support YOU!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat over the phone, catch up or Zoom.

Thank you,
Aynsley x

Business Name:
The Primal Doula
Phone Number:
0414 190 784
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