Amika Jenkins

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South Gippsland, VIC, Australia

“Knowledge is power “


Welcome to my page Prom Coast Doula!

My name is Amika, and I am based at the most southern point of Victoria in South Gippsland Victoria. I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful children. I’m a country girl at heart, lover for music, enjoy camping and adventuring with my family. I am an easy going Mumma and love pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone.

Since I was a little girl, I loved children and couldn’t wait to have children of my own. I have always had a passion for helping others and providing the best care to people and that’s why I became a nurse. I have always been a maternal person and I knew from day dot that my career would be working with mothers and babies.

Experiencing my own two births that were completely different to one another. One having few medical interventions and my second having no medical interventions because I stood up to my rights and used the knowledge, I had gained to choose the type of birth I wanted, this was a huge eye opener for me and made me want to help women even more. I want to make women feel empowered, safe, calm, heard, respected in their space and know that they can have choice when it comes to their birth.

As a doula my mission is to create close friendships with you and your family, so we can really connect and feel super relaxed like we have known each other forever! So, you have full trust in me, to feel safe and empowered while providing care for you in your birth. I will listen to what you have to say, what your fears are and your wishes for your birth are, so we can work out a birth plan that works for you and I will work with you to provide these wishes in your labour and birth. As your doula, I will provide you with ongoing education and resources, so you are calm and supported during your pregnancy, birth and post-partum period.

Whether you choose to have a hospital birth or home birth I will be here to support you on your journey as I believe women should have the right to choose where they want to birth. I aim to assist women in preparing their bodies for labour with resources such as massage techniques and hypnobirthing techniques so that you can have a calm and empowered birth. I want you to feel safe in your surroundings but be the leader and know I am right by your side when you need help. I will provide postpartum care and information, so you are supported at home as I believe so many mothers are left without resources and support once they bring bubs home.

My name is Amika Cripps, and I am a qualified doula who has completed extensive training at the Doula Training Academy with Vicki Hobbs. If you would like more information about how I can support you on your journey, then feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Providing doula services around the Gippsland region specific shires below:

  • South Gippsland shire
  • Bass Coast shire
  • Latrobe shire
  • Wellington shire


Business Name:
Prom Coast Doula
Phone Number:
0427 644 896